New EP – Music From Chapter One (Eyeforce kiteboarding movie) 15th October 2016

We’re proud to have our music featured in the new documentary feature CHAPTER ONE: THE KITEBOARD LEGACY BEGINS, made by our colleagues at Eyeforce, who made the Less Alone short doc for us with Tommy N Lance. The movie is out now! Check their website for details of where to see it. Also out now…
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Fink %22Deep Calm%22 for Queen Sugar (photo credit Tommy N Lance)

“Deep Calm” on Queen Sugar 14th October 2016

My dear friend and serious talent Ava DuVernay has a TV series called Queen Sugar…. everyone’s loving it…. and as soon as I found out about it I was crossing my fingers that Ava and her team would pick one of my tracks for it – and they did! Which is awesome …. “Deep Calm” is…
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Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 09.41.33

Our short documentary LESS ALONE is now live… 19th August 2016

Fresh from the Berlin and Madrid film festivals, our Tommy N Lance Photography/ Eyeforce short documentary LESS ALONE is now live for all to see. Have a watch, pass it around…  

john the driver

John Gordon – our first bus driver 14th August 2016

It’s sounds like a cliché, but you become a family on tour because it’s you, your band and the crew, together for a couple of months, living in close quarters, breathing the same slightly stale, smoky air, crossing the same borders and dealing with the same crazy venue load-ins and outs. The bus drivers are…
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Grasscut remix album featuring Fink remix 5th May 2016

We love a bit of Grasscut – actually Guy and I were at the gig with Ninja Tune’s A&R man Skev in Brighton years ago when he decided to sign them… remarkable as I think they were wearing lab coats – I do remember that it was like a cute kinda community centre gig and Guy accidentally…
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