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Our short documentary LESS ALONE is now live… 19th August 2016

Fresh from the Berlin and Madrid film festivals, our Tommy N Lance Photography/ Eyeforce short documentary LESS ALONE is now live for all to see. Have a watch, pass it around…  

john the driver

John Gordon – our first bus driver 14th August 2016

It’s sounds like a cliché, but you become a family on tour because it’s you, your band and the crew, together for a couple of months, living in close quarters, breathing the same slightly stale, smoky air, crossing the same borders and dealing with the same crazy venue load-ins and outs. The bus drivers are…
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Grasscut remix album featuring Fink remix 5th May 2016

We love a bit of Grasscut – actually Guy and I were at the gig with Ninja Tune’s A&R man Skev in Brighton years ago when he decided to sign them… remarkable as I think they were wearing lab coats – I do remember that it was like a cute kinda community centre gig and Guy accidentally…
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Watch the trailer to our new short documentary 8th December 2015

Today we release the trailer for our upcoming short film Less Alone, produced and directed by Eyeforce and Tommy N Lance. Less Alone takes viewers into the mind of Fin, the writer, composer and frontman of the band. This intimate and artistic portrait will be released on December 15 as an exclusive premiere for our fans. SIGN UP…
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Fink on Huffington Post – latest blog 11th November 2015

It’s two in the afternoon and I’m just waking up. Lazy bastard, I hear you snigger. But let me explain. I’m on the Fink tour bus, somewhere in Ukraine. Earlier today we were woken at 7am (having not crept into our bunks until about 3am after the show we played in Minsk, Belarus) and told…
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